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We stock a large range of products directed at the Marine industry

Yellow Cedar

  • Very durable timber
  • Stable
  • Commonly used by major marine manufacturers in New Zealand

Finger-jointed Cedar

  • Ideal for plugs for hull and deck moulds
  • Ideal for cleats, etc
  • Great for hidden forming work
  • Cheaper than Cedar clears
  • 6.3M Lengths

Malaysian Kauri

  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Takes a marine glue well
  • Commonly used 

Taun or Akwa


Taun or Akwa is a hardwood native to south-west Pacific region and is major commercial timber species of solomon islands. The colour of Akwa ranges from pale pinkish-brown to reddish-brown. Akwa can be kiln dried satisfactorily but, air drying is recommended to alleviate degrade.Grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy and texture is medium, slightly uneven and semi-lustrous. It stains uniformly to a colour of choice and has got good moulding and finishing properties. Akwa nails well but, pre-drilling advisable to prevent splitting of the board ends. 

Akwa is a very good multi-purpose timber, ideal for general building and construction process including bearers and joists. It is available in large sections which makes an excellent timber for decking, staircases, flooring, boat-building, indoor and outdoor furniture, musical instruments and number of purposes including ribs and planking. 

Botanical Name: Pometia Pinnata
Other Names: Island lychee, Tava
Origin: South-West Pacific region
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Certifications Available::
Treatability: Akwa stains uniformly to a colour of choice
Seasoning: Akwa can be kiln dried satisfactorily. However, preliminary air drying is recommended to alleviate degrade. All material should be quater-sawn.
Working Qualities: When working with seasoned timber, sander dust may irritate the mucous membrane. Workshops should be well ventilated and staff should wear face masks or respirators.
Uses: Akwa can be used for flooring, decking, staircase materials, furniture, bearers and joists, boat building, ribs and planking.


Stocked: TBA


Durability In Ground: Perishable/Non Durable
Durability Above Ground: Durable
Turning (1-10): 9
Gluing (1-10): 9


Density Air Dry: 680 kg/m3

Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness: 6.5 kN
Modulus of Rupture: 106 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 14 GPa
Max Crush Strength: 60 MPa
Strength Group Seasoned: SD5

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