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One of the most important things for Landscaping is Durability. We have listed out different types of timbers and their character, grouped by colour below. It is worth noting that sapwood is not durable at all when talking about the durability, we are referring to the heartwood. Occasionally some boards will have a small amount of sap on the edge and this will either needed to be removed prior to use or it will eventually rot.


All timber, if left outside uncoated, will naturally turn a silvery-grey colour. This is a natural process as the outer layers of the timber cellulose get exposed to the weather.  

The timber will also, split, check and warp, but depending on the species this may not be too noticeable.  One way to reduce weathering and distorting of timber is to coat it with a protective product, Refer to our Coatings page for outdoors.

One of the main things to consider when trying to decide whether to coat your timber or leave it to weather naturally is, if you are willing to maintain periodically.  All exterior coatings will need maintenance on an annual basis (usually just a good clean), and they will require recoating every 6 months to 5 years, depending on the coating and its exposure to the elements.

Timbers Suitable for Exterior Use

Colour Timber Durability
Yellow Yellow Cedar Very Durable
Yellow / Light reddish-brown Balau Durable
Golden yellow / Light brown Macrocarpa Moderately Durable above ground
Golden yellow / Light brown Oregon Moderately Durable
Golden yellow / Light brown Totra Very Durable
Light Pink Taun Moderately Durable
Pink Saligna Durable above ground
Pink / Light brown Cedrela Durable
Light brown Sapele Mahogany Durable
Light brown Vitext Durable
Light brown Western Red Cedar Durable
Straw brown Pilularis (Black Butt) Durable
Medium brown Teak Very Durable
Grey to Reddish/dark brown Spotted Gum Durable
Yellow, fading to Dark brown Iroko Durable
Red, fading to Dark Brown Bubinga Durable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark Brown Jarrah Durable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark Brown Padauk Durable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark Brown Rosewood Very Durable
Red/Redish-brown / Dark Brown Kwila Durable

Taun or Akwa


Taun or Akwa is a hardwood native to south-west Pacific region and is major commercial timber species of solomon islands. The colour of Akwa ranges from pale pinkish-brown to reddish-brown. Akwa can be kiln dried satisfactorily but, air drying is recommended to alleviate degrade.Grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy and texture is medium, slightly uneven and semi-lustrous. It stains uniformly to a colour of choice and has got good moulding and finishing properties. Akwa nails well but, pre-drilling advisable to prevent splitting of the board ends. 

Akwa is a very good multi-purpose timber, ideal for general building and construction process including bearers and joists. It is available in large sections which makes an excellent timber for decking, staircases, flooring, boat-building, indoor and outdoor furniture, musical instruments and number of purposes including ribs and planking. 

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Botanical Name: Pometia Pinnata
Other Names: Island lychee, Tava
Origin: South-West Pacific region


Certifications Available::
Treatability: Akwa stains uniformly to a colour of choice
Seasoning: Akwa can be kiln dried satisfactorily. However, preliminary air drying is recommended to alleviate degrade. All material should be quater-sawn.
Working Qualities: When working with seasoned timber, sander dust may irritate the mucous membrane. Workshops should be well ventilated and staff should wear face masks or respirators.
Uses: Akwa can be used for flooring, decking, staircase materials, furniture, bearers and joists, boat building, ribs and planking.


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Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness: 6.5 kN
Modulus of Rupture: 106 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 14 GPa
Max Crush Strength: 60 MPa
Strength Group Seasoned: SD5

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