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Engineered Hardwood Flooring (T&G)

Engineered wooden flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood adhered together to form a plank. Typically, engineered flooring uses thin layers of cheaper wood (lamella) bonded to an expensive wood and so the top layer is finished with expensive wooden flooring. With this process the stability of the wood is increased and makes it a universal product that can be installed as midfloors, subfloors and on grade.

Other than stability, following are the advantages of this type of flooring.

  • It looks just like real wood.
  • It doesn't expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood and so It can be laid where, solid wood would risk damage. 
  • It is incredibly tough and durable and will stand up to heavy footfall in commercial and domestic environments. 
  • It can be sanded and can be refinished to give a new look again.
  • Engineered floor boards can be wider than solid boards.
  • It is easy to install.

There are several different types of engineered floors. See below for species and type available in engineered flooring. For more information, contact us.

 European Oak Engineered Flooring

6mm solid European Oak over plywood substrate


Solid Hardwood Flooring (T&G)

A genuine hardwood timber floor has the long lasting value that reflects the beauty of nature which cannot be imitated, and will mellow with age.

In addition to feeling great and giving a stunning look, wooden flooring is:

  • Hygienic - non-allergenic.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Very Durable - Denting and marking can occur but this is part of the character and aging of timber floors.
  • Easy to install - Qualified carpenters and serious DIYers are able to lay them, though some floors would best be left to the professional floor layers.  Sanding and sealing will usually require a professional tradesman.
  • Easily Maintained.

See below for species.

Species Grade Sizes Available
(Not all sizes are kept in stock
Approx Price per m2
Overlay Narrow Med Wide
      80-85mm x 12mm 80-85mm x 19mm 108-133mm x 19mm 155-185mm x 19mm  
Jarrah Jarrah Select Yes Yes Yes X Medium - High
Kwila Merbau Kwila (Merbau) Select Yes Yes Yes X Low - Medium
Maple, USA Maple, USA FAS X X Yes X Medium - High
Oak European Oak, European Rustic X X Yes Yes Medium - High
Oak USA Red Oak, USA Red FAS X X Yes Yes Medium - High
Oak USA White Oak, USA White FAS X Yes Yes Yes Medium - High
Oak USA White Oak, USA White Rustic X X Yes X Medium - High
Pilularis Pilularis Select Heart Yes Yes Yes X High
Rosewood Rosewood Select X Yes Yes X Medium - High
Saligna Saligna Select Heart Yes Yes X X POA
Tasmanian Oak Australian Oak Select Yes Yes Yes X Medium
Tasmanian Oak Australian Oak Standard Yes Yes Yes X Medium - High

Please note that these prices are for the Timber flooring, they do include 15% GST or either labour or materials (glues, urethanes, etc) for laying.  For a professionally laid timber floor, sanded and coated, you need to add approx $125 - $175 per square meter+GST.

Australasian Timber Flooring Association-ATFA

The Australasian Timber Flooring association(ATFA) is the leading governing body for timber floors and timber floor installation contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. Their mission is to improve effectiveness, quality, competitiveness and standards in the industry. ATFA are a member based timber flooring association which provides information and services to its members and consumers. Timspec is a proud member of ATFA and committed to be profitable and professional.  Read more about ATFA

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