Timspec Hardwood Decking

Timspec offers a range of Hardwood decking species. Suggestions and guidelines to make a right choice are: lengths available, moisture content, durability, profile, bleeding, splintering, hardness, width of the board and cost.

Lengths Available

Generally, decking is only sold on a mixed length specification, this means that if you order 100 linear meters, you will get a range of lengths.

Certain species such as Kwila, Radiata, Western Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar have very good length specifications, so you can expect a nice mix of short, medium and long lengths.  Other timbers such as Jarrah and Vitex, have short length specifications, so expect lots of shorter lengths and few longer ones.  Short lengths are not normally a problem as the installer would usually scatter the shortest lengths around the deck so they are not too obvious.

Moisture Content

Timber swells and shrinks as it gains/loses moisture from the environment.  If you are ordering decking timber, make sure it has an appropriate moisture content (usually Air Dried is sufficient, but some timbers may need to be Kiln Dried).


Durability is explained in more detail on our Durability page but basically, you need to make sure your deck will last. For example, we would not recommend using Macrocarpa for decking because the boards may have Sap on the edge that will decay very quickly.


Generally decking is usually available Reeded One Face (also known as Griptread) which has a Smooth back, but a Smooth on both faces option may also be available.  You should think about whether you want a Reeded Face (better for grip in the wet) or a Smooth Face (cleaner looking deck).


All timber will bleed, that is leech a coloured dye when in contact with water.  But for most timbers, the amount of bleeding is minimal and will have no effect. However Kwila bleeds a lot, and the dye that leeches out will stain surrounding concrete and plaster.


It is recommended that only decking screws are used for fixing decking to joists. This is because as the timber naturally swells and shrinks, it may push up a smooth shanked nail. It is also recommended (but not as common in practice) to pre-drill screw pilot holes. 


Click here, to find the download for the Installation Manual. And here for more information on decking installation.

Care & Maintenance

Care must be taken to ensure that the timber and accessories are kept clean and dry, and are not damaged whilst in storage awaiting application. Extra care is to be taken while handling timber profiles to ensure that they are not damaged. Upon delivery, timber is to be stacked flat and level on bearers/dunnage that are a maximum of 900mm apart and atleast 100mm off the ground. Timber should either be sorted inside an enclosed building or covered with an additional waterproof layer and protected from the elements when stored outside. 



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