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Timber weatherboards have been in use for over 100 years in New Zealand. If installed correctly, they are prooved to be an excellent cladding material. Timber won't crack or crumble, flexible to move and so timber is often far better than rigid materials such as brick and concrete in an earthquake situation.

Timspec supply weatherboards in three species: Accoya wood, Western Red Cedar and Radiata Pine


CertClad is the brand name for Timspec’s certified cavity-based weatherboard cladding systems. These are tested and assessed in accordance with the requirements of NZ Building Code Clause E2/VM1. by a third-party organisation and have attained CodeMark certification. Find profiles, species, certification and installation manuals and drawings here.

Download more information on CertClad here!

Also, check out our huge range of profiles of Rusticated and Standard Bevelback and Vertical Weatherboards. If you want special profile suitable for your house, but can't see it!! we can run custom profiles, contact us to know more (but usually need 150LM for it to be economical).



Timspec has joined Masterspec and. Our Codemark certified horizontal weatherboard systems are online at Masterspec. Masterspec is the leading specification system in the NZ Construction industry used by over 1200 design practices. Masterspec is available on 2 operating platforms Masterspec link word linked to a browser and Masterspec NextGen2 an entirely new intuitive online platform. Masterspec provides detailed specification resources that can be easily modified to suit any project. check it out at
A presence on Masterspec we hope will enable easier uptake by Architects of our Codemark certified systems. The choice of Accoya as well as Western Red Cedar and Radiata Pine covers budgets from small to large. The Accoya allows for more use of darker colours with less risk of movement and failure, an ongoing issue with Pine and Cedar.


Timspec has joined Smartspec now! Specification writing is easier on Smartspec. It is automated with templates and suitable for residential and commercial buildings specification writing. NZ standard specification systems can be found on Smartspec. It is easier to find our weatherboard systems on Smartspec Get it now!

Horizontal Weatherboards


We offer a great range of Horizontal weatherboards for a cleaner more modern look

Vertical Weatherboards


We have a special range of vertical weatherboards great for high wind areas


Soakers can be used for waterproofing corners and joins. They are shaped-metal profiles that sit on top of the weatherboard to prevent moisture getting through joins and corners. Most are specifically sized to each profile, so you should contact our sales team for more info. Rest assured we have a wide range available on request.


Very important for exposed mitred corners. These are shaped metal profiles that run vertically down the corner behind the weatherboard to stop water getting in behind the weatherboard in vulnerable corners.


Also used for corners and weatherproofing around joinery. This is a small strip that runs vertically down the wall and butts up to joinery or boxed corners to keep moisture out.


Fascia is the term for the board that runs along the end of the eaves (it is usually what your guttering is attached to). As a nice wee finishing touch, why not use Western Red Cedar fascia to match your Western Red Cedar weatherboards. Available ex-stock in a range of sizes and finishes.

Shakes and Shingles

For a slightly different look, have you considered Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles. These are small pieces of timber usually 100-200mm wide by 300-450mm long, that are the layer over the top of each other like fish scales to create an interesting pattern. These can be applied to both walls and roofs.

Timbers Available

Nine out of ten times, people want Western Red Cedar, and for good reason. This durable timber has great stability and also looks fantastic. However, we also supply Radiata Pine as well. Other timbers are available, but a machining lead-time will apply

Finishes Available

Western Red Cedar is available in two different finishes. Smooth: which has a dressed face and looks brilliant with a light stain, and Band Sawn: which has a slightly rough cut look, it is textured to the touch and looks fantastic either left to weather naturally which gives it a grey coloured finish over time, or stained with a suitable coating.

Stains and Coatings

There are multiple different Coatings available (see our Coatings page for more info), and a whole range of colours. Some points to consider when coating your weatherboards are
A) The colour of the coating, Dark colours will cause the weatherboard to attract more heat, thus they are more likely to distort, very dark colours like black are not recommended. However, a small level of pigmentation is required to block UV light, colourless transparent coatings will break down very quickly outside and may require recoating after just six months.
B) The type of the coatings, an oil finish looks very different to a urethane finish.
C) Timber finish, band-sawn timber will absorb up to twice the amount of product than a dressed face, costing more to coat and giving a darker appearance once coated.



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Check out our huge range of profiles, the most popular are Rusticated and Standard Bevel Back, but we also have Horizontal Weatherboards and Vertical Weatherboards. And if you want something special run, but can't see it there, we can run custom profiles (but usually need 150LM for it to be economical).