Decking Case Studies

Accoya decking under a verandah on Waiheke island

February, 2016

Case Study

The Home owner decided to use Accoya wood for decking because of its long lasting durability, stability and warranty.


A home owner who was undergoing a new home project decided to use Accoya Wood for the decking. Accoya is world's leading high technology wood. It is produced from a non-toxic cellular modification process known as acetylation. The softwood used in this process is Radiata Pine sourecd from sustainably managed forests in New Zealand. The result is a durable, stable and non-toxic material with performance charactereistics better than any hardwood.  With Accoya beauty can be achieved with long lasting characteristics of the material. It can be painted, stained or can be without coating. Accoya looks stunning after installation. To read more about Accoya, please click here.

The Solution

At Timspec, we supply various decking profiles which will suit your project need. Accoya holds industry leading environmental credentials. The exceptional durability of Accoya® is warranted for a minimum life of 50 years above ground and 25 years in-ground.