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We stock a large range of products directed at the Marine industry

Teak Solid Timber

  • Genuine Burmese Teak
  • FEQ (First European Quality) and SuperPrime grades available
  • Crown and Quarter cut available
  • Widths from 100 to 300mm by 25 to 75mm thick

Teak Decking

  • Genuine Burmese Teak
  • Quarter cut
  • SuperPrime grade, suitable for super yachts
  • Available ex-stock in selected sizes/profiles
  • Custom profiles can be machined to order for boatloads


  • Available with a Paperback or pressed onto Plywood
  • Matched to Solid Timber samples
  • Can source both Veneer and Solid Timber from the same mill for consistency
  • Sourced from a range of world-wide suppliers
  • Marquetry and Special layups available

BS1088 Plywoods

  • Range of thicknesses
  • Minimal core gaps Yellow Cedar
  • Very durable timber
  • Stable
  • Commonly used by major marine manufacturers in New Zealand

Yellow Cedar

  • Very durable timber
  • Stable
  • Commonly used by major marine manufacturers in New Zealand

Finger-jointed Cedar

  • Ideal for plugs for hull and deck moulds
  • Ideal for cleats, etc
  • Great for hidden forming work
  • Cheaper than Cedar clears
  • 6.3M Lengths

Malaysian Kauri

  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Takes a marine glue well
  • Commonly used 

NZ Silver Beech, cherry flavored


This timber has an attractive pink to red colour, it has been carefully selected and processed under an advanced kiln-drying programme to highlight the grain and colour and ensure its stability. It has a fine even texture and is usually straight grained. 

The Cherry variety of NZ Beech is actually made by steaming the timber.. it is from FSC managed forest and comes with the chain of custody.

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Botanical Name: Nothofagus menziesii
Other Names: Southland Beech
Origin: New Zealand


Seasoning: Generally kiln dries easily with possible surface checking and distortion, but the ends of the boards may split if drying is hurried.
Working Qualities: Machines and turns well, is milder than European Beech to work with. Has good finishing qualities. Any curly grain will machine cleanly after dressing.
Uses: Suitable for all forms of finishing work; furniture, interior joinery, mouldings, flooring and panelling. Is most suitable for turning.
Price (1-10): 3


Availability: Available ex-stock in sizes from 100x25 to 200x50mm, 65x65 and 75x75mm squares availabel on request.
Stocked: Yes


Primary Suppliers: Lindsay and Dixon
Resource Certification: FSC


Durability Above Ground: Moderately Durable


Density Air Dry: 550 - 580 kg/m2

Mechanical Properties

Modulus of Rupture: 79 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 10.2 GPa
Max Crush Strength: 38 MPa
Comp Strength Perp to Grain: 5.2 MPa
Shear Strength Parallel to Grain 8.6 MPa

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