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We stock a large range of products directed at the Marine industry

Yellow Cedar

  • Very durable timber
  • Stable
  • Commonly used by major marine manufacturers in New Zealand

Finger-jointed Cedar

  • Ideal for plugs for hull and deck moulds
  • Ideal for cleats, etc
  • Great for hidden forming work
  • Cheaper than Cedar clears
  • 6.3M Lengths

Malaysian Kauri

  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Takes a marine glue well
  • Commonly used 

Blackbutt Hardwood Decking

Blackbutt is an Australian hardwood that has a proven history for being a durable exterior timber. A great non-tropical hardwood option.

The timber is a light to mid brown colour with some natural checking and knot feature consistent within the grade.

The timber is PEFC certifed, and meets the Australian Forestry Standard for sustainable forest management.

The length spread is generally good and is available in a number of widths.

Blackbutt Hardwood Decking 86 x 19

There are no CAD drawings for this product.


For the correct installation of Timspec decking profles, please refer to the Timspec hardwood Decking Installation Manual downloadable from the Installation section on our downloads page


Although not very common in New Zealand, coating your deck will extend its life. We recommend a minimum of one coat of a suitable exterior timber decking coating or oil be applied to all four sides plus cut ends of the decking prior to installation. Some species can be factory coated prior to delivery. Dulux specifcation for coatings available at www.timspec.co.nz



Annually cleaning your deck will help prolong its life, a light detergent that contains an anti-fungal agent is best.

Avoid using high pressure waterblasters or harsh chemicals.


Any coating or oil applied may require subsequent recoating. Refer to coating manufactures maintenance schedule.


Removing any items that will trap water underneath them (furniture, pot plants, etc.) for the duration of winter will extend the life of your deck and help keep it looking great.



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